Email Marketing

The average return on investment (R.O.I) from email marketing in the UK is 2964%?

  • That means for every £1 spent, businesses are generating £29.64.
  • Can your business afford to ignore that kind of R.O.I?
  • Can you afford to ignore one of the most effective digital marketing tools for engaging customers, gaining click-throughs, and increasing conversions?

You’re shaking your head right now, but you also know that you simply can’t afford to spend time and effort on sending out emails that are left languishing in the trash folder, forever unopened.

What’s the solution?


Affordable, Effective Email Marketing from Hunterworx

We’ve all had them, haven’t we?

Those marketing emails that prove themselves just too irresistible to leave unopened.

There’s something about the way they stand out from the rest of our inboxes that just compels us to click them. When we do, we find an email that is every bit as captivating as its subject, and that makes us all the more likely to take action.

It could be that we click through to a website and purchase a product, request more information, or do whatever it is that the sender ultimately wants us to do.

Yet whenever you’ve tried to repeat that success for your own business, you generally run into one of three problems:

  • It’s too complicated
  • It’s too expensive
  • It didn’t produce the results you were expecting.

Then, there’s the challenges:

  • The vast majority of the mainstream ESP (email services providers) are great when you only want to mail circa 2,000 contacts per month, but watch the price skyrocket when you have say 10,000 contacts
  • You’ll also be aware that you can only email your own ‘Permission Based’ contacts. This all very well, but in the world of B2B we need quicker results, and having to work tirelessly for months, heck even years, to build your own contacts just isn’t an option

That’s where we come in.

At Hunterworx, we’re proud to be partnered with two of the world’s leading email marketing platforms, a relationship which enables us to put world-class technology to work generating the kind of R.O.I you need from your marketing spend.

Never mind the usual “Cost Effective” statements you’ve heard a million times before.  HunterWorx email solutions are anywhere between 30% to 50% cheaper than most of the Market leading ESP’s.

So, what about ‘cold emailing’ b2b bought data lists?  Yep we’ve got you covered.  First there is the data verification, which is second to none.  We also ensure that your domain is totally protected, so no risk of being blacklisted.  Then there is the actual send; our solution has a totally automated 35-point analysis process which is undertaken within the first 48-hour period.  Any mail which is bounced is analysed, fixed and sent again.  As such our delivery rates are well above industry norm.

All the Essentials Covered – And More

To achieve those results, our experienced team of email marketing professionals go all out to ensure that we cover the four key essentials of a successful campaign:

List of Opted-In Subscribers

A regularly-maintained list of qualified leads / subscribers is vital to any direct marketing work. Hunterworx can help you to build such a list if you don’t already have one, or engage with your existing subscribers if you do.

Captivating Content

Remember we talked earlier about how there are some emails that just demand your attention? Remember how we agreed that  just a few words can turn an email from just another inbox item into an absolute must-read?

Your campaign needs that exact kind of content, and our copywriting experts know just how to create it.

Stunning, Responsive Design

Your emails are an extension of your brand, and as such, they need to look just as good as the rest of your digital marketing tools (website, social media, etc).

They also need to catch the eye and incorporate a layout that has been proven to produce results.

Our design team will do that for you.

Testing and Reporting

With your email ready to send, we’ll work on testing several different options to find which one produces the best results.

This might mean using different subject lines, colour schemes, or Calls to Action. We’ll test all of these, and report back to you on which ones are proving to be the most effective.

We’ll also use our cutting edge email marketing software to provide an accurate analysis of your campaign, breaking down every aspect so that you can see exactly how much revenue you generated from your email.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch!