Lead Generation

The art of generating new potential business

Do you really want your sales team sat at their desks every day?  Should they not be doing what they do best, selling!  Sales People don’t want to be doing the leg work, gaining contact names and making cold calls, or worse still collecting and entering data into the latest whizzbang CRM System. That’s where HunterWorx can help.  We will leverage the power of both Inbound and Outbound Marketing and layer on top an intelligent non-scripted approach to target the exact types of businesses that you want to work with.

Once identified, we will engage the prospects with an intelligent conversation to really understand what they are currently doing, how they do it and if there is an interest in your offering.  Once qualified and we have established a need then we will book an appropriate time for your sales person to go and meet with them.

Or if more appropriate we can pass the lead to your internal sales team for them to call the contact directly, talk through in more detail what their requirement is and then decide the best way forward.

Our specialist team have a wealth of experience across a whole host of industries and have variation in our team to be able to sell at all levels.


Call Aim/Process:

The aim of the call is to create new business opportunities for you. The key to success is taking an intelligent approach, asking the right questions, understanding the prospects current position, what their needs are and creating a good quality opportunity/appointment for you.

Throughout this process we will provide ongoing support to maintain regular contact with the target audience. This includes:


1: Sending/emailing information following the initial prospecting calls


2: Following up with another call at a more appropriate time, to gain more information or contact the relevant decision maker


3: Book a time for you to meet with the prospect or to pass the details as a lead to you to follow up if required


In summary:

We manage the whole process; setting up the technology and workflow for you, so all you have to focus on is following up the Leads and Closing Sales.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch!